A book is a serious undertaking. Even after you’ve drafted and re-drafted it, a book is not ready for publication until at least two more sets of eyes have read through it for spelling, consistency, plotting, and style. This goes for self-publishing as well as traditional publishing

The first thing that fresh eyes can offer is the ability to catch mistakes that computers (and minds already immersed in the story) overlook. But no less important is the feedback that a professional editor can give on how well the storytelling serves its purpose—or whether the story’s purpose comes across at all. A professional editor’s feedback can take your story from work-in-progress to actual book, ready for submission to a major publisher.

If you’re not looking into submitting your book to a publishing house, the editing step is even more crucial. When self-publishing, you’re going to need that book to be pristine, free of typos, free of plot holes, free of major errors. You don’t want to look amateurish. You want your book to sell, to get readers. And that means your self-published book requires you to do all the editing and promoting that a publishing house would do for you (in exchange for a percentage of your royalties, of course). Self-publishing can be the more lucrative option if you do it right. But part of doing it right is remembering that you’ll need to edit (and publicize) your book yourself.

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