Your manuscript is a labor of love. You spend your time crafting it, shaping it, trying to get it in the shape you really want it. To get something published is an uphill climb, and you want to make sure your work has its best foot forward when you submit it for final publication.

Manuscript Editing ServicesThere are a couple problems with proofreading and editing, though. First off, it can be boring; after all, you’re in this to write, not re-write. And even though you know editing and revision are necessary steps in the publication process, maybe you’re hoping that you’ll be able to write well enough to skip them. It’s time to face the facts, though: nobody is above editing. It may be tedious, but it’s essential. Nobody is perfect. And you don’t want to submit an imperfect manuscript for publication. Which is why you need another set of eyes. Which leads us to the other problem: you can’t self-edit. When you’re so intimately connected with a text, your brain tends to read what you think should be there, as opposed to what’s actually on the page. And your friends and peers are too close to you to be objective when editing your work. Sometimes, you just need a professional editor.

That’s where Wordsmith Essays can come in. We’ll take your manuscript and attack it from a fresh angle. We’re not as connected to your words as you are, and this allows us to discover the silly typos, the skipping of words. We can also offer constructive criticism and editing suggestions: does everything flow properly, does something need more clarification, and the like.

From fiction to non-fiction to academic texts, we can handle your manuscript, no matter the content. You can count on our professional editors here to take the time and effort to give your manuscript the attention and care it deserves. We know how important publication is in a wide variety of fields, and we can help get your manuscript polished to the high standards of publication.

You are done with your manuscript at last. Now you need someone to go through it with a professional editor’s eye. Are you looking for manuscript editing services that can offer you the best value? Wordsmith Essays is where you should be.

Wordsmith Essays – we’re here for writers of all stripes as they try to get their manuscripts to publication.