The résumé is a short document. But (after your cover letter) it’s the first thing that an employer sees when they’re looking to hire someone new.

A single typo in a résumé or cover letter can cost you the job. Especially if your job involves detail-oriented work. But even in the rare event that your prospective job involves no writing or communication at all, a résumé that is succinct and well-written is still important because it shows potential employers that you’re taking the position seriously enough to spend time on your application for it.

Resume Editing Services

Do you want your resume or cover letter edited professionally?

Everybody hates writing résumés. But the fact is, these page-long documents give potential employers their initial impressions of you. First impressions are hard to change, so it’s important to make the right ones. A professional editor will help your job application shine.

Résumé editing services from Wordsmith Essays are just what you need to ensure that you résumé hits all the right notes with employers. Our professional editors are seasoned résumé-writers, and have attended numerous workshops on the art of the perfect résumé.

And, to ensure that your résumé actually gets read, you should look into getting that cover letter edited as well. A well-written cover letter gets your potential employer’s attention and convinces them to read that résumé you’ve spent so much time perfecting. A strong cover letter expresses your genuine enthusiasm for the job you’re applying for, explains gaps or shortcomings in your résumé, and makes the preliminary argument that you’d be a good fit for the job. Just like a good résumé, a good cover letter is tailored to the job you’re applying for, revised for accuracy, and targeted to present the best side of you to the people you hope to work with.

Don’t leave your employment to chance–get some help, today!