Your Statement of Purpose gives you a chance to tell the admissions officers who you are—the person behind the numbers, the unique human being who makes those test scores impressive.
The personal statement can even be an opportunity to explain less-than-stellar marks. It’s your chance to stand out from the piles of other applications received, to be a person rather than just an application number.

Sure, they’re personal—an opportunity to let your voice shine through, to be creative and express yourself. But summing yourself up in a succinct personal statement can be daunting. Especially if English is not your first language. Why does your application hinge so much on writing, anyway? You’re not going to graduate school to become a memoirist!

You won’t get a chance to meet the people evaluating your application in person, so your personal statement is your chance to convince them that you are the best candidate in their pile of applications. Consider your personal statement a replacement for an interview—it’s like writing a sales pitch for yourself.

You may not be much of a writer, but the fact is: your ability to express yourself in English is fundamentally connected to your ability to be successful in a western school. Maybe you’re a U.S. citizen who’s trying to achieve an advanced degree. Maybe you’re an international student looking to study in a western country. Either way, you’ll need to prove that you’ll be able to express yourself to your peers and instructors. You need to prove that you can string words together in a coherent manner. It doesn’t matter what you say about yourself so much as how well you say it.

Which is where Wordsmith Essays comes in

If English isn’t your first language, if you’ve always struggled with grammar and the technical aspects of writing, or even if you just want an experienced editor to give your personal statement a quick once-over—here at Wordsmith Essays we have a team of professional editors to help you express yourself as perfectly as possible.

Writing might not be your strong point, but you’re still going to be evaluated on your ability to express yourself in a statement of purpose. We can help take what you’ve written and improve it. We can turn a sub-par statement of purpose into a statement of purpose that will cinch your admittance.

By fixing grammatical errors and poorly worded sentences, by making suggestions and asking questions, by pointing out weaknesses and strengths—we at Wordsmith Essays will shape your statement of purpose into something you can be proud of. We won’t write your statement of purpose for you. (Because that would be silly.) But we will work with you to craft a statement that truly captures the person you are, the candidate you want to express to the admissions officers.

And our suggestions will help you improve your writing, not just in your personal statement, but in all the writing that will follow it as you begin your academic career.