A thesis is basically just a series of interconnected essays that build on one another to create a cohesive argument. Sounds easy enough, right? Except it’s also basically the culminating project of a phase of your academic life. Maybe the most serious piece of writing you’ll ever tackle. Maybe your only piece of academic writing that will actually have an audience beyond the professor who assigned it to you. It might be the biggest, most intimidating, thing you’ll ever write.

It’s easy to lose sight of your overall argument (or to lose focus within your smaller arguments) with a project of such magnitude.

The minutiae (of spelling, grammar, formatting, place-holding blurbs you’d meant to go back and fix in the last draft) are all too easy to overlook. And, when you’re trying to make a sophisticated argument, to represent your academic perspective with a grand capstone project, these little minutiae can undermine your authority.

Our professional editors have written their fair share of theses, and are sympathetic to the struggles of thesis writers like yourself. They are sensitive to the all-consuming role that your extra-long-essay has occupied in your life. And they want to help you make sure that your hard work is represented to its utmost. They want your writing to communicate your ideas clearly. They want your thesis to look good. Taking the extra step beyond self-editing and peer editing—going to a professional editor—can be the difference between a passable thesis and a memorable thesis.

You worked hard on your thesis. Let Wordsmith Essays make it perfect with our thesis editing services. Our professional editors also provide valuable feedback that will help you refine your writing skills. Because, face it: your thesis may be a capstone piece of writing, but it won’t be the last thing you’ll ever write.