Introductions for Different Types of Essays

Wordsmith’s blog is off this week for Thanksgiving, so enjoy this Wordsmith Re-Run: Different types of introductions for different types of essays.

Last time, we discussed a simple way to produce a strong introduction for a persuasive or critical essay using a tripartite introductory structure. This structure begins by establishing context or status quo for a topic, disrupting the status quo by bringing up a problem or dilemma, and stating a thesis that resolves this state of disruption. Today, we’ll look at how this process can be adapted to other types of essays. Read More

Statement of Purpose


Applying to graduate school? You’re going to need to write a statement of purpose. More importantly, you need to write a good statement of purpose. Otherwise you won’t get into the grad school you’re applying to. And this grad school thing is your passion, your dream, your future.

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Editing in the Internet Age

editing-internetOkay. Here’s the scenario:

You’ve been sweating about this paper for weeks. It is worth fifty percent of your grade. Your friend, who is an English major and a pretty decent writer, has promised his editing services for your paper.

What’s the problem? It is now midnight. Your paper is due in your professor’s office at eight tomorrow morning. There’s no time for your friend to edit your paper. You’ve left it too late. You’re sunk! English is not your first language, so you know the paper needs another pair of eyes… what do you do?

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Styles of Writing

While some tips for improving your writing work well in all cases, it’s important to remember that there are different styles of writing, and what conventions you use and how you shape your writing will differ, depending on what you’re doing. By making sure your style of writing matches the audience you want it to reach, you can help improve your style dramatically.

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What is Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?The heart of academic scholarship is a notion that each piece of writing is original. The point of your essay is to contribute something to the field. Your citation style (e.g. MLA, APA, or Chicago) is more than an exercise in proper formatting, it’s a reminder of the fact that you’re responding to and commenting on literature from a specific part of the academic world, becoming involved in a certain field of academic discourse.

It can be tempting, when you’re faced with a pressing deadline, to skimp on the citations, knowing that your grading professor has read the same sources you have and will know where your facts and opinions come from.
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Essay Length

stacks-of-paperSome professors will warn students, as they pass out their essay assignments, exactly how serious they are about those page limits. “I stop reading at page five” (or whatever the page limit is), they’ll warn. Or, “two and a half pages is not the same as three pages” (or whatever the minimum page count is).

And far too many students will interpret this strict adherence to a set length to mean “mess with your margins,” or “futz with the font sizes or punctuation,” or even “pick an obscure font.”

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Welcome to Wordsmith Essays

welcomeOur editors have more than 70 years of combined editing experience, and speak or have studied more than 10 languages between them. All of us understand and empathize with the plight of the international or non-native English speaker who suddenly finds himself or herself frustrated and challenged by requirements to write clear, articulate essays in English.

College is hard enough as is, especially when many students are away from their home for the first time. There’s a new environment to contend with, new people to meet and get along with, and many new activities to pursue. All of these experiences compete for the time and energy of college students, and so writing lengthy essays frequently falls to the bottom of a student’s priority list. As a result, students pull all-nighters for essays due the next morning and are left with very little time to edit and revise.

That’s where Wordsmith Essays comes in. Whether English is your first language or your third, having a second set of eyes on your paper is crucial to ensuring you improve your writing ability while getting good grades. We guarantee a 100% error-free paper, and will edit for grammar, spelling, word choice, tense agreement, structure, and flow. Our editors will deliver a clear, well-written essay by the deadline you specify. You can spend your time on the parts of college that matter to you, all while ensuring that you turn in an excellent paper every time.

For our advanced clients who are looking to move their writing abilities up a level, we encourage you to send us your papers as early as possible. Papers that we receive at least three days in advance allow editors to spend extra time writing comments to help you to target weak areas in your writing. Turning in your essay early also offers tremendous value to you; each page is only $3 if you send us your paper five days in advance of your deadline.