Christmastime Grammar Errors!

Now that Christmas is over, I can share with you a grammatical pet peeve that I have this time of year.  Santa Claus may be coming to town, but he’s not bringing correct grammar with him! Read More

Commonly Misspelled Words

It’s quiz time!  Are you a grammatical genius, or do words sometimes fail you?

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Take Our Grammar Quiz

Fancy yourself a grammar maven? Know your “there”s from your “their”s? Do “to” and “too” no longer slip you up, and can you tell the difference between “affect” and “effect”? Read More

“Over”, “More Than” and Over-Correcting

Today, we’re answering a question we got from one of our recent submissions, as we think it can be quite helpful to other people, as well.  It’s about word choice, and over correcting. Read More

Solving Issues of Grammar, Tenses and Subject-Verb Agreement

Wordsmith Essays’ professional essay editing service offers you the fastest turnarounds and best value for your dollar of any essay editors out there today.  We also strive to help you improve your writing above and beyond our editing service.  Today, one of our editors helps you through some tricky issues of grammar.

In previous posts, I’ve done my best to stress that grammar is largely a matter of style and that writers should strive for clarity, even if it means breaking some of the so-called “rules” of English grammar. The English language is a flexible beast and writers should experiment with things like the passive voice, ending a sentence with a preposition, and splitting infinitives, rather than declaring such useful tools off limits. Read More

I vs. Me

i-vs-meIn one of my previous posts, I discussed the use of “I” in your essay. In that post, I was referring to how to use your own personal voice. In this one, I’ll cover a more practical grammatical issue–the challenge of “I” vs. “Me.”

The other editors and I have noticed a common mistake in many of the essays we get here at Wordsmith Essays. (Or should I have written “the other editors and me…?”) Read More