Why Are There So Many Citation Formats?!

It seems every time you go to a new class, they’ll want you to use a different format for your citations on your essays.  While some fields pretty much use one format regularly—psychology, for example, nearly always uses APA format, while literature prefers MLA—that distinction isn’t always clear, especially at the undergrad level.

So, what’s the difference between these formats?  What’s the point of having an APA format and a MLA format and Chicago format and so on? Read More

The Basics of Citations

We discussed the problems and dangers of plagiarism last time, but today we’re going to take a look at the simplest way to avoid accusations of plagiarism: using citations. A citation is a formalized system designed for two purposes. The first is to give proper credit to the work you use or reference in your writing. The second purpose is to create a record of verifiable information that can be used to support your writing. And while the former purpose is considered to be more important than the latter when it comes to the topic of plagiarism, both should be considered carefully. Read More