The Wordsmith Essays Story

The Wordsmith Essays Story: About Us

Wordsmith Essays was founded by two NYU undergraduates in 2012. The daughter of an English teacher, Laura had grown up with the benefit of having her every assignment torn apart by the critical eye of a professional–and she was grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward when she entered high school and college. She and Ronni started advertising their editing services around campus–and were pleasantly surprised with the number of students who were looking for actual help and guidance from a professional editor (not just an easy A).

As editing services demand grew, Ronni and Laura decided to expand their business. They set up a essay editing site and hired more editors, hoping that having people working in different time zones would solve the problem of their having to stay up late at night to meet tight turnarounds for late-night submissions.

With the new editors came new clients. These were fabulous editing clients which Ronni and Laura didn’t have to neglect their own studies to help. Ronni took the opportunity to pursue her studies full-time, starting law school and leaving Laura in charge of the business.

Keeping true to Laura’s editing roots, the Wordsmith Editing team has always focused on educating our clients–not just showing off our own editing credentials. Our mission is to forge strong, enduring relationships with our clients so that they feel comfortable returning to us for editing assistance. Two editors carefully read through each essay, correcting grammar, spelling, style and flow.

Editors leave comments in appropriate areas so that clients can learn from their mistakes and improve their writing abilities. It’s the type of feedback that made Laura a strong writer and a confident student–a student who went on to help establish her own successful editing business–and we hope it’ll help our clients establish their own strong foundations, too.