Have you ever wondered what happens to your essay once you submit it to Wordsmith Essays? We make sure we follow a thorough, consistent process so we can ensure both quick return times and a high level of quality on every essay that comes through our hands.

The order page lets you customize your experience with Wordsmith Essays, with the most important field being the “priority” field–this lets you select how quickly you want your essay to be returned to you. You can choose the time frame that best fits your deadline, from our economical Super Saver 5-day turnaround, all the way down to a 3-hour response. All time frames include a fully edited and polished essay, but the longer time frames allow our editors to spend more time writing comments and giving tips on how to improve your writing in the future. Pick what’s best for your deadline; you’ll get a professional-looking essay in return no matter what.

The other field you can use to customize your experience is the “request an editor” field. Writing is an art, not a science–while there are obvious corrections to be made, flow and writing voice varies from person to person. All of our editors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and they each have their own personal style. Have no fear, however–all of our editors are fantastic and, if you do not request a particular editor, your essay will automatically be assigned to the editor who can start working on your essay immediately. Because our editors span the globe, we always have someone ready to start editing, day or night.

Shortly after you submit your essay, you will receive an email from the editor assigned to your essay. This is to inform you that we have successfully received the essay and that there were no problems–the file opened, the word count was accurate, and so forth. It’s also our guarantee to you that we will return the essay within your requested time frame.

That’s when the editing starts–one or more of our editors will start to fix your essay. The first thing I do, before editing a single word, is to read the entire assignment, be it one page or fifty. Only then do I start actually editing. Reading it first gives me a road map for how the essay should look, so I know if any large chunks need to be moved around.

From there, I go down to the nitty-gritty level. I go paragraph by paragraph, word by word, reading the essay aloud to make sure everything sounds natural. If there is anything that is unclear to me, I don’t change the writer’s original intent–I don’t guess what the writer might have meant unless it’s clear. That’s where the comment feature comes in handy–I can put a note saying that a particular sentence or point needs clarification. In that style, I work my way through the entire essay, from top to bottom, making all the needed changes as I go.

From there, the essay is passed to a secondary editor. We’re all human beings here, and we can make mistakes, which is why we make sure to have two sets of eyes on every paper. Perhaps one of us missed something; the secondary editor is there to help sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Once you’ve received your essay, you’re done. But we would appreciate it if you would fill out a feedback form, which we will provide you. That lets us know if there were any problems or unsatisfactory elements in our process so we can improve them for next time. As a thank you for providing us with this feedback, we’ll give you a coupon for a discount off your next essay here at Wordsmith Essays–at which point the process begins all over again.

Of course, if you’re not happy with your essay for any reason, just contact us within 7 days of receiving it and we’ll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

I hope this look has helped answer your questions on what our process is with your essays. You can rest assured that your assignments will be in safe hands when you trust them to Wordsmith Essays.