Editing in the Internet Age

editing-internetOkay. Here’s the scenario:

You’ve been sweating about this paper for weeks. It is worth fifty percent of your grade. Your friend, who is an English major and a pretty decent writer, has promised his editing services for your paper.

What’s the problem? It is now midnight. Your paper is due in your professor’s office at eight tomorrow morning. There’s no time for your friend to edit your paper. You’ve left it too late. You’re sunk! English is not your first language, so you know the paper needs another pair of eyes… what do you do?

Welcome to the electronic age. Now you can contact an online essay editing service like Wordsmith Essays to get that essay edited by professional online essay editors twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You have the option of requesting an edited paper on a tight schedule: from days in advance all the way up to three hours following your submission.

Online paper editors can edit more than essays, too. Maybe you need help with a university application essay, a resume, a cover letter, a job application, or content for your website. Many online essay editors are professionals with experience in editing all types of material. Why not ask?

How does it work? Contact our online essay editing service by ordering here. Follow the simple instructions for uploading your essay (or whatever writing you need edited). Our editors will receive your paper and contact you. Since editors are located all over the world, your midnight essay might very well be edited by an editor in another time zone where it is noon!

Your edited essay will be returned in three files: an edited copy will show where edits have been made and have comments and advice added so that you can improve your writing skills. We’ll also send a final, ready-to-turn-in version in word with no corrections displayed. You can add works cited or additional content to either of these documents. Your third attachment is a .pdf file, a copy of the final version you’ve also been given in Word saved as a PDF to preserve formatting.

What seemed hopeless at midnight can actually become a paper ready for submission in three hours, thanks to online editing. Welcome to the electronic age!

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