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professional-editors• I am a professional editor.
• I’m not going to do your research for you.
• I’m not going to turn your into an essay for you.
• I’m not going to make you sound smarter than you are.
… And I’m definitely, absolutely, not going to write your essay for you.

Why hire a professional editor, then? Why spend your hard-earned money on a service that won’t write your assignment for you, or guarantee you an A+ on that paper you forgot about?

Because I will point out where your arguments need to be backed up with more research.

I will let you know if you’re citing your sources correctly.

I will help you flesh out an essay.

I will turn your fragments into grammatical sentences, and query sections that don’t make sense.

I will, in short, help you realize how smart you already are.

The editorial process is a conversation. It’s a respectful querying of the author’s intent, a Track-Changes documented changing of minor errors in punctuation and grammar. And because you’re hiring a professional editor, rather than a ghostwriter or a plagiarist, you’ll be getting more than a fixed up essay–you’ll be learning how to improve your writing in the process.

Each document edited through Wordsmith Essays has two fresh sets of eyes looking over the content, checking it for large-scale issues as well as minutiae. Each document receives a thorough twice-over. Our professional editors will give your writing the fresh perspective that an author is incapable of having. Each document receives the critical feedback that friends and peers may be reluctant (or unqualified) to give.

Professional editors, above all else, qualified to give you feedback on your writing. We know English grammar, understand writing styles, are well-versed in different forms of citation. And we’re eager to tweak your formatting to make it perfect.

As a professional editor, nothing makes me happier than identifying a misplaced modifier or a pronoun with an unclear referent, pointing it out to the writer, and knowing that some future reader will better understand that writer’s point. (Yes, I realize that such a source of happiness makes me a somewhat strange individual. We are a strange bunch, professional editors. Strange and elusive. Which is why it’s lucky for you that we congregate in virtual communities like that of Wordsmith Essays.)

So, yes, a professional editor won’t do your work for you. Part of what makes us professional is our dedication to the craft of editing. We respect the sanctity of author and reader. We uphold the notion that your ideas are your own, and that your words should represent your ideas. We help your words better represent your ideas.

We won’t do your work for you, but we’ll work with you to help you learn how to improve your writing. We won’t guarantee you a perfect grade, but we will guarantee you that what you turn in is the best possible representation of your ideas and knowledge, based on the information you supply us.

Why professional editing? Because you’re smart. And our professional editors want to help you show it.

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