Stop Using “Very”!

The word “very” is overused.  You should stop using it!

“Very” is lazy and imprecise.  It’s a generic intensifier; making the adjective it’s attached to bigger, but in a generic and vague way.  When overused, it leads to boring and unclear writing.  Generally speaking, using it makes your writing come off weaker – ironic, since the point of using intensifiers is to strengthen your writing.

The English language is full of juicy words to use; it’s loaded with descriptions taken and borrowed from dozens of languages to create a smorgasbord of descriptive variety.  There are hundreds of better choices than “very”; you just need to know where to look for them.

Fear no longer!  The image below has 45 different substitutions for “very”.  This should be very handy extremely useful as you try to write very interesting enthralling stories and papers!


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