Bethany M

I possess a TESOL diploma fully certified by Cambridge and have 5 years experience in teaching English as a second language. My expertise in grammar tutoring and correction helps many non-native speakers, from high school students struggling with English, to college graduates, to law students preparing for their bar exam and international executives at Microsoft and Deloitte.

I have been writing and editing for 3 years, and in this short time I’ve gained insight and honed my skills to perfection. I don’t miss a single detail. Which is important when a well-known global company or household name’s reputation is on the line. I extend the same care and attention to your work and will strive for excellence in every aspect.

My job is not just to edit and ensure your words flow effortlessly whatever your native language is, but to enlighten and educate you at the same time. I can understand the difficulties in writing, especially for non-native students, and expertly convey the best way to express yourself and achieve your goals.

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