Laura R.

When Laura was a child, her father used to mark up her grammar school essays with red ink. She hated it, but the process promoted a lifelong appreciation for editing and the importance of the clearly written word.

In secondary school and university, Laura edited for her fellow students in many different classes. In her senior year of university at NYU, Laura and a fellow student started up Wordsmith Essays by sticking up flyers in the hallway. Laura finished her BA in Middle Eastern Studies and graduated, her friend went to law school and became to too busy to edit, but the business continued to grow steadily to what you see today.

Today, Laura is finishing up an MA in Psychology and currently works for a major U.S. corporation with offices all over the world. Laura continues to guide the growth of Wordsmith Essays from her home in Europe, while occasionally filling in for other editors when necessary.

Why Wordsmith Essays is awesome: The diversity of the folks who work here is incredible. It amazes me every day that people from all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds, different native languages, different educational and work experiences, can come together every day to work together and create incredible value for our clients.

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