Tori M.

I spent four years working as an editor (and contributor) for my college newspaper, and I took up professional editing during my senior year. After getting my Honors BA in English from Scripps College, I went on to get my Publishing Certificate from the University of Denver. My career has always focused on the English language, and I’m proud of the range of my professional editing work: everything from personal statements to book manuscripts.

I’ve also worked as a tutor; some of my highlights as a tutor include: helping an Italian peer publish an article about her experience studying and teaching in Southern California, teaching a fellow English major some formatting tricks in MS Word (hooray for hanging indents!), and combing over a grammatically stilted essay with a Chinese peer so that her insightful argument could be understood and appreciated for what it was.

I understand Spanish (not as well as I should after studying it for over a decade, but well enough to enjoy untranslated excerpts of Don Quixote). I was raised by a dyslexic person and someone for whom English was not his first (or even his second) language. So translating broken (or just confused) English into coherent messages has been a defining facet of my life. I’ve also studied linguistics and social anthropology–both in America and in England–so I have a strong foundational understanding of the way language functions.

I think of editing as a sort of mind-reading, a magical act of extracting the intended information from what an author writes. My ultimate goal is to help draft-submitting writers become passionate authors of their own ideas.

I look forward to working with you!

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