Animals That Aren’t Really Animals

It’s quiz time! Are you a grammatical genius, or do words sometimes fail you?

This week, we’re offering up a couple grammar quizzes, thanks to our friends at Sporcle.  Try to see if you can beat our high scores!

The English language is a rich one, with plenty of interesting, descriptive words.  It can be confusing for new speakers, however, when a commonly-used word has multiple definitions — and that’s where today’s quiz comes in.

We have listed here 25 different animal names, from an ape to a wolf.  All 25 words, however, can also mean something else.  Can you match each animal name with it’s non-animal definition?

Par for this one is 20 out of 25 — don’t worry; as you get answers right and wrong, your selection will get smaller and smaller, making it easier to find the right answer.  Do your best — we believe in you!



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