Commonly Misspelled Words

It’s quiz time!  Are you a grammatical genius, or do words sometimes fail you?

For a break today, we’re going to put your spelling abilities to the test.

…Yes, grammar nerds think spelling quizzes are a break.

There are some words which are very commonly misspelled — words that fall on the boundaries of common English spelling rules; that are ones that often provoke the squiggly red line in word processors, showing you that you’ve misspelled them.  Again.

This quiz has 35 of those nasty words.  20 of them are spelled correctly, with no errors whatsoever.  15 of them, however, have common typos and misspellings.  Your goal is to find the 20 correctly spelled words without clicking on any of the incorrect ones.  It’s like a minefield — click on one incorrect word, and it’s game over!

You have five minutes to find all 20 correctly spelled words.  Par is just seven — I’ll admit it; the first time I took it, I got a whopping one correct answer before I hit a mine.  It’s fiendishly difficult, but I’m sure you can do it with a bit of trial and error.  Good luck!

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