Modern Halloween Stories

On Tuesday, Wordsmith Essays gave you some recommendations for some classic horror stories—stories that have stood the test of time and have been frightening people for decade after decade.

Today, however, we’d like to go a little more modern.  It turns out they didn’t stop writing scary stories in 1912—modern writers can make you quiver just as much.  Here are three more spooky short stories to keep you up at night.  Happy Halloween!

“A Study in Emerald”—Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is both the patron saint of this blog, as well as one of the finest fantasy, horror and science-fiction writers in the world today.  “A Study in Emerald” starts as what seems like a fairly straightforward takeoff of Sherlock Holmes, but takes a trip down to more strange and frightening alleys as it winds its way to a close.  The 2004 Hugo Award winning short story, it’s a fantastic read.

“Umney’s Last Case”Stephen King

What would a list of scary stories be without Stephen King, the master of the form?  The Shining, It, Pet Semetary—his stuff is the work of horror legend.  “Umney’s Last Case” is one of his shorter works—a story of a detective, a writer, and the lines between fiction and reality.  Really, any King will work for a great read, but if you’re looking for a short story, this is a great one.

“Lost Souls”Clive Barker

You may know Clive Barker best as the director of Hellraiser, but he’s one of the best horror writers writing today, and all of his short story collections are worth checking out.  One that’s available online, however, is this story about his paranormal private eye, Harry D’Amour.  This story fits multiple holidays, actually—ghost stories set at Christmas are almost as popular as those set around Halloween.  Check it out here.

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