Your Statement of Purpose gives you a chance to tell the admissions officers who you are—the person behind the numbers, the unique human being who makes those test scores impressive. (more…)

Short Stories

No Room For Error No Matter How Short The Story

Because they’re so compact, there’s no room for error in a short story. Every detail must speak, and speak well, to merit inclusion. This is why it helps to have a professional editor read over your draft, to make sure that there are no typos or mistakes in consistency. A professional editor does a much better job than your own self-editing, even if you’re a brilliant writer, reader, and editor in your own right.


It’s all come down to this. Four (or more) years of undergrad, your acceptance into your doctorate program, quals, endless hours of research… It’s been along journey. But you’re finally here, at the end. It’s time for your dissertation. (more…)

Writing those essays and papers is hard enough. Going back to edit them? Some students don’t even bother. But it’s the editing process that separates a good paper from a great paper. Having a professional editor look over your essays and papers will help you learn how to write better


A thesis is basically just a series of interconnected essays that build on one another to create a cohesive argument. Sounds easy enough, right? Except it’s also basically the culminating project of a phase of your academic life. Maybe the most serious piece of writing you’ll ever tackle. Maybe your only piece of academic writing that will actually have an audience beyond the professor who assigned it to you. It might be the biggest, most intimidating, thing you’ll ever write.

It’s easy to lose sight of your overall argument (or to lose focus within your smaller arguments) with a project of such magnitude.

The minutiae (of spelling, grammar, formatting, place-holding blurbs you’d meant to go back and fix in the last draft) are all too easy to overlook. And, when you’re trying to make a sophisticated argument, to represent your academic perspective with a grand capstone project, these little minutiae can undermine your authority.

Our professional editors have written their fair share of theses, and are sympathetic to the struggles of thesis writers like yourself. They are sensitive to the all-consuming role that your extra-long-essay has occupied in your life. And they want to help you make sure that your hard work is represented to its utmost. They want your writing to communicate your ideas clearly. They want your thesis to look good. Taking the extra step beyond self-editing and peer editing—going to a professional editor—can be the difference between a passable thesis and a memorable thesis.

You worked hard on your thesis. Let Wordsmith Essays make it perfect with our thesis editing services. Our professional editors also provide valuable feedback that will help you refine your writing skills. Because, face it: your thesis may be a capstone piece of writing, but it won’t be the last thing you’ll ever write.

You’re a busy engineering student. You hardly have time for sleep, let alone plugging back through those essays you had to write. (Essays you were forced to write for your liberal arts requirements. Essays that have already taken up valuable hours of your life that could’ve been spent sleeping.)

Combing over your writing with a red pen may seem like a waste of time, but it’s really one of the most essential steps in the writing process. Maybe you don’t have time to dedicate to a thorough editing job. But you still realize that an unedited paper is less likely to be good than an edited one. You know that some beta testing is in order. You know that it’s important to communicate your ideas efficiently and succinctly. And a good round of editing will help you do that.

Luckily, there are professional editors out there who will help you get a round of editing out of the way while you catch up on some much-needed sleep. That’s right: you can multi-task by sleeping and editing at the same time. And when you wake up, you’ll have detailed notes on how well your paper did its job of communicating your ideas. You’ll have a marked-up copy of that paper, full of notes about what revisions you need to make and explanations of why. You’ll have a personalized response, detailing overarching issues or strengths. And just reading over those notes will make you a better writer. Plus, your well-rested mind will be better primed to internalize and make use of those writing tips on your future writing than it would have if you’d stayed up all night poring over your own paper with your own red pen.

Sound too good to be true? Don’t be silly. Just hire a professional editor already.


Wordsmith Essays’ article editing service can help get your articles ready for publication!

Putting yourself out on the line–submitting your articles for others to read and react to–can be a harrowing experience. You’re spending time crafting and re-crafting your argument, trying to convince someone to buy into your point of view. (more…)

It’s the single most important essay you will write in your high school career. It will decide your fate—or at least the location of your undergraduate studies. It has to be creative, personal, interesting, and tailored to the people who will read it. And it has to do all this while fitting within a strict word limit.

How is it even possible to do all this? How has anyone ever done this before? Why are the college admissions people torturing you like this?!

Calm down. Take a deep breath. And submit your college admissions essays to someone who will read it critically and decide whether it’s good enough to let you into the college of your dreams. No, not the admissions office. Not yet. First, submit it to someone who will do you the favor of giving you that feedback before you actually submit your college admission essay with your college application.

At Wordsmith Essays, we have a well-read team of professional editors. They are experienced professional essay-readers, just like the ones who will be looking over your college admission essay and deciding whether you’re a good fit for the college you’re applying to based on that writing sample. Unlike the final readers, though, our professional editors will give you feedback and help you fix the things that might be preventing your college admissions essay from getting you accepted. And, unlike your peers who are all also writing their own college admission essays right about now (peers who may be happy to review your essay in exchange for you reviewing theirs), the professional editors at Wordsmith Essays have all written their own successful admission essays. When we look over your college admission essay, we can give you advice based on personal experience as well as the experience gained helping numerous other students just like you craft their own essays and get accepted into their dream academic programs.


Information about lab reports here (more…)

Your manuscript is a labor of love. You spend your time crafting it, shaping it, trying to get it in the shape you really want it. To get something published is an uphill climb, and you want to make sure your work has its best foot forward when you submit it for final publication. (more…)

A book is a serious undertaking. Even after you’ve drafted and re-drafted it, a book is not ready for publication until at least two more sets of eyes have read through it for spelling, consistency, plotting, and style. This goes for self-publishing as well as traditional publishing (more…)

Everyone can blog. It’s a simple matter of choosing a blog-hosting site and starting to write entries about whatever strikes your fancy day-to-day. (more…)

The résumé is a short document. But (after your cover letter) it’s the first thing that an employer sees when they’re looking to hire someone new.

A single typo in a résumé or cover letter can cost you the job. Especially if your job involves detail-oriented work. But even in the rare event that your prospective job involves no writing or communication at all, a résumé that is succinct and well-written is still important because it shows potential employers that you’re taking the position seriously enough to spend time on your application for it.

Emails are a cornerstone in modern communication. Whether you’re applying for jobs, corresponding with professors, or sending a message to your coworkers—you’re going to need to write email messages that are clear and easy to read. Everyone’s inboxes these days are flooded with a large number daily emails, and it’s important to make your email stand out if you want it to be read.

How do you make sure someone reads your email, though?

Your emails might be flying under the radar because of the way you’re composing them. Maybe you use a lot of punctuation, but not a lot of capitalization. Maybe you shorten words. Maybe you’re not including a proper salutation or relevant subject line. Maybe you’re including too many jokes or idiomatic expressions. Maybe you’re sending your emails from an unprofessional-sounding email address.

It can be hard to tell whether your tone comes across in written communication. When writing a professional email message, it helps to have an extra set of eyes to let you know whether your salutation is appropriate, whether the body of the message is clear and succinct, and whether you’ve included all pertinent information. It’s also essential to use correct punctuation and spelling in professional correspondences.

Writing a good email is essential to getting the response you want. If you write too much, your reader might be overwhelmed by the block of text and move on to her next message without even reading what you wrote. But if you don’t write enough, the person receiving your message might not understand how you want her to respond. A professional editor can help guide your email writing and ensure that your email message conveys exactly what you want it to, and does so in a way that is likely to garner the response you want.