It’s all come down to this. Four (or more) years of undergrad, your acceptance into your doctorate program, quals, endless hours of research… It’s been along journey. But you’re finally here, at the end. It’s time for your dissertation.

This is everything you’ve done. This is the last hurdle between you and that doctorate you crave. You have to make a unique and original contribution to your field, one that you can defend before a panel of your advisers. You have to make sure all your facts are straight, your conclusions valid, and your postulates defensible.

Oh, yeah, and it all has to be well-written, too.

Student Dissertations Editing Service
You’ve put hundreds of hours into your dissertation; why would you risk missing some grammatical point that could dampen your writing? Even if your arguments are perfect, grammatical mistakes can make your dissertation hard to read and, even if only on a subconscious level, make the people reading it less likely to accept your conclusions. Submitting an unpolished, unedited dissertation means tripping on the very final hurdle.

You’re an expert in your field. But we’re the experts of editing. We’ll take your dissertation and give it a looking over with a fresh set of eyes. We have years of experience in a variety of academic fields, and you can rest assured that Wordsmith Essays will have a writing expert on staff who can help shape your dissertation into the work of writing that best represents everything you have accomplished–a professional editor who can help you turn in a piece of work you can be proud of.

Wordsmith Essays offers budget friendly dissertation editing services rates. We know how important your dissertation it is and how hard you have worked on it. Of course, even the sharpest minds can overlook grammatical errors. Leave the editing to us while you focus on your field. You will have a piece of work that you can be proud of in no time.

Wordsmith Essays–we’re here to help you clear the last hurdles of Academia.