Writing those essays and papers is hard enough. Going back to edit them? Some students don’t even bother. But it’s the editing process that separates a good paper from a great paper. Having a professional editor look over your essays and papers will help you learn how to write better

Essay prompts are meant to challenge you to think about a particular product, to make you stretch your imagination and come up with an argument. But sometimes the most frustrating part of the essay-writing process comes after the ideas are tackled and a conclusion is reached. Sometimes the hardest part of an essay is going back to edit it.

Often, you don’t have enough distance from your original thoughts to see whether you’re representing them clearly enough for your readers. Or you don’t catch typos because you skim over them in your re-reading (and the computer doesn’t recognize when you accidentally use the wrong word, so long as it’s properly spelled). Or maybe you procrastinated and you just don’t have time to give it a careful read-through.

Formatting can also be tough. To block quote or not to block quote? How big to make the margins? How and when to cite sources?

Luckily, our professional essay-editors are well-versed in every aspect of the editing process. We’ll read your essay with fresh eyes, correcting grammar and typos. We’ll point out where your argument is unclear or poorly-defended. We’ll let you know how to format according to the appropriate style. And we’ll give you overall feedback on your draft, along with a clean revision ready to be turned in.

Wordsmith Essays specializes as an online paper editing service. As a business that also specializes as a college essay editing service. We know that you worked hard on your essays and need to ensure that they are submitted without any errors. After all, your academic future depends on it. Hand over your essays to us and our professional editors will check them for errors, inconsistencies, and more.